Blossoming Bumps to Babies Ltd

For all your pregnancy needs

Labour Care

From 37 weeks, I will be on call and will come to your home and support you in labour at any time day or night. 

Home Birth

If you have decided that you want a home birth I will support you throughout. Your experience will be beautifully enhanced by the trust and relationship we have developed throughout the pregnancy. Research has demonstrated that mums who labour whilst being cared for by a known midwife, are more relaxed, labour more efficiently, require less pain relief and ultimately have a more positive experience.  It has been my experience that both mums and dads feel more in control and positive during the labour and birth when they remain at home. 

Prior to labour, we will discuss your birth preferences and make the necessary arrangements for this ie. birthing pool, mats, beanbags, birthing balls etc. During labour, I will bring all the equipment needed to bring your baby safely into the world.

Hospital Birth

If you decide that you would prefer to go into hospital to birth, I will support you in early labour at home until you feel that you wish to go into hospital. At the hospital, I will work alongside your NHS midwife and act as your birth assistant and advocate, ensuring your birthing preferences are respected.

If your require an elective caesarean section, I will help prepare you practically and emotionally and help support you and your family post operatively. 


Research has demonstrated that the success of breastfeeding is dependent on the first few hours after birth. Regardless of the type of birth, I will assist with the initiation of breastfeeding as required. This will be facilitated by early skin to skin and ensuring that mum and baby are left undisturbed for as long as desired.