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For all your pregnancy needs

Private Midwifery Care

Pregnancy Care throughout your pregnancy

Although pregnancy is a natural process, women often need support and guidance to help them adjust to both the physical and mental changes they experience. The care I provide will be devised around your specific needs and will therefore be tailor-made for you, as each and every woman is different. This will directly impact your relationship with your baby, as research has demonstrated that being provided with the right care and support during your pregnancy can have long-term benefits on the health and well-being of the whole family. 

Full Pregnancy Package

I can provide a full package of care from booking to delivery. At the initial consultation, I will discuss the proposed schedule of antenatal appointments that you require.

All antenatal appointments are conducted in the comfort of your own home,  at a time convenient to you. These appointments will monitor both your emotional and physical well-being and the health of your baby. You and your partner will have every opportunity to discuss all aspects of your pregnancy and any individual concerns or issues you may have.

As your pregnancy progresses, appointments will become more frequent, giving you and your partner plenty of opportunity to discuss your birth plan and preparations for labour and beyond.  In addition to the routine antenatal maternal and fetal checks, I will endeavour to discuss general physiological and psychological well -being such as diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, maximising optimal fetal positioning, practical advice, emotional support and any aspect of antenatal education pertaining to your individual needs.

I will be on call for you throughout your pregnancy and extra advice and support will always be available.

As a result of the continuity of care provided by myself, a trusting relationship will be built which will lead to you feeling empowered and ultimately positively enhance your birth experience.


Other Pregnancy Care Options

Pregnancy Care tailored to your needs

If you decide you do not require my full care package, I can work alongside your NHS care providers to enhance your pregnancy experience. Below is a list of individual services that I can provide:

  • Individual appointments are available if you require additional support than that provided by the NHS.
  • I can arrange blood tests, scans and referrals as required, including 4D scans.
  • I can arrange testing for Group B strep, which the NHS does not routinely offer.
  • I can accompany you to any hospital appointments if required.
  • I can provide personal antenatal education classes
  • I can arrange hospital tours if you decide to give birth in hospital.
  • I can arrange rental of TENS machines
  • I can provide a post-dates package, including both conventional midwifery and complementary treatments in the attempt of preventing medical induction.
  • Hypnobirthing and antenatal yoga sessions.