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When I went into labour with my first baby, I was so frightened and scared of the unknown; I had no idea what to expect. Having Karen as my midwife completely changed my mindset and I instantly felt at ease. She helped me find the strength from within to give birth and made me believe in myself when I didn't think I could go on any more. Karen was so kind, caring and treated me like I was part of her family. The quality of care that I received was beyond anything I could have hoped for and I really hope that one day she will be able to deliver another baby of mine.


I was fortunate enough to have Karen look after me throughout my pregnancy and birth. Karen provided on-call advice throughout the pregnancy and put me at ease with her knowledge and professional manner. I felt confident in her ability to advise me correctly and trusted her when she suggested to go get things checked. She allowed me to tailor the care I received and was considerate of my needs based on my history of miscarriage.
During the birth, Karen worked alongside the hospital staff to ensure my ideal birthing environment was catered for and I spent a lot of my labour in the pool, with dimmed lights and a peaceful atmosphere- Just as I had asked!
The delivery of my baby was on a beanbag and Karen gently guided me through the process, despite me initially being petrified. She calmed me and I felt completely in control. I genuinely believe this assisted me throughout the birthing process; I delivered a 8lb 9oz baby with no stitches!
After the birth of my baby, I had requested instant skin-to-skin and initiation of breastfeeding. Karen was supportive of this and left the room for our family to start bonding. When we felt ready, baby was checked over in our room and nothing felt like it was happening 'to' us.
I would completely recommend Karen for antenatal care and support during labour and I'll definitely be calling her back when I have the next one!


Karen was my midwife when I was in labour with my first child. As a nervous first time mother to be it was a daunting experience, and a fear of the unknown. However as soon as Karen walked into the room and introduced that she would be taking care of me an air of calmness descended. Karen took the time to read through my birthing plan and get to know what was important to ensure my husband and I had the birthing experience that we wanted. During my labour Karen made me feel that I could achieve the birthing experience I wanted and she made me feel empowered throughout the 'short' labour! After I had delivered my daughter Karen was fantastic in explaining the next steps and helped me establish breastfeeding-another of my wishes. Overall I cannot recommend Karen highly enough, she will make you feel empowered to make the decisions and choices you want and allow you to have the birthing experience you want.